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Personnel Committee

To view agendas for the Personnel Committee please click here

To view minutes for the Personnel Committee please contact the Town Council Offices

The purpose of the committee is to debate issues and recommend to Council matters relating to employment and personnel.

Terms of Reference

  • overseeing all matters relating to the employment of staff and making recommendations to Council thereon;
  • recommending to Council matters regarding conditions of employment;
  • reviewing, job descriptions, contracts, salary awards and staffing allocations, making recommendations to Council as appropriate;
  • convening investigatory committees to examine disciplinary matters, reporting outcomes to full Council;
  • monitor Health & Safety regulations, policy and procedures; monitor and review the Council's personnel policies and make recommendations to Council;
  • advise Council on the continuous professional development of staff, in consultation with the Town Clerk;
  • recommend to Council any staff training requirements

Members of the Personnel Committee

Cllr Nick Beck - Ex Officio

Cllr Richard Levell - Ex Officio

Cllr Helen Howell

Cllr Sylvia Hughes (Chairman)

Cllr Bill Tirebuck (Vice Chairman)

Cllr Marion Hind