Serving the people of Raunds


James and Thomas Saywer Charity - Reg No: 240194

James Sawyer (d:1692) and his son Thomas (d:1694) in their lifetimes erected four alms-houses in Chelveston for four widows (two each from Chelveston and Raunds). Provisions were made in James's will (proved 1703) for all his lands, goods, etc. in Chelston and Denford to be held by 16 trustees to provide funds to maintain the alms-houses and support their inmates. By 1911 there were two serviceable alms-houses plus a former alms-house. One for a resident from Chelveston & one from Raunds. After the alms-houses were sold in 1948 they were demolished and the land was used to build 10 council houses, called Sawyers Crescent.

The charity now derives its income from the rent of the land now known as Hospital Field and provides benefits to residents of each parish who are in condition of need, hardship or distress. No periodical or recurrent benefits are permitted to any individual.

There can be up to six trustees, plus a Clerk to the Trustees. Two representative trustees are appointed each by Raunds Town Council and by Chelveston-cum-Caldecott Parish Council. These serve for 3 years and may be re-appointed. Two co-optative trustees are appointed by the representative trustees, one from each parish. These serve for 7 years and can be re-appointed.

Mrs Pauline Ellis, of Raunds, is a Trustee and the Clerk to the Trustees

Raunds United Charities - Reg No: 240193

This is a group of self funded charities funded by legacies given by local people over the years and monies are awarded for educational purposes and to help people in need.

The charity aims to help children/young people, elderly/old people and people with disabilities by giving grants to individuals and organisations that benefits the Parish of Raunds.

Presently, the charity has helped by giving funding to the four schools in Raunds for books.

There are currently 5 trustees including one Town Councillor. The members are Trustee's for a full 4 year term, including the Co opted Town Councillor Trustee that is appointed by the Town Council.

Mrs Pauline Ellis, of Raunds, is a Trustee and the Clerk to the Trustees.

Raunds Playgroup - Reg No: 1111660

Christopher Long Bsc (HONS)

Hi Jo, I think it should read that I am a trustee also on both charities, also it might be useful to explain that The Raunds United Charities trustee,s are trustee,s for a full 4 year term including the Co opted trustee by the appointed by the Town Council trustee,s. But everything else is okay. I did write something about both charities a while back to put on the website but I don,t know whatever happened with that. not to worry.


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