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Clerk: Nina Villa
The Hall, Raunds
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Bill Tirebuck

Bill Tirebuck

Raunds Town Council
The Hall
Thorpe Street

Married to Linda, I have lived in Raunds happily for nearly 16 years. With 1 daughter, 3 sons and a granddaughter, who have all flown the nest, I have lived in many parts of the Country, but prefer Raunds.

Born and raised in North West London, I left Marylebone Grammar School and went into Fabric Design in the West End. 2 years later, looking for something different, I joined the Army as a Vehicle Mechanic in the REME. After 9 years, 6 of which I spent in Germany, I left the Army and eventually found a new career in Recruitment, specialising in HGV drivers.

My 30 years in Recruitment, culminated in being a founding director of an Agency with 19 branches nationwide and a £20 million turnover, nurturing and encouraging my staff. I now look forward to a fulfilling retirement, passing on the reins of management to the next generation.

My interests include Motor Sport, volunteering for a local Dog Rescue Charity and Photography.

I hold family values very highly, delighting in the time I spend with my children and grandchild and fervently believe that a community built on these values will prosper and expand.

As family values are the corner stone of a community, so a strong local government can be the mortar that holds it all together. I look forward to making a positive contribution to the future of Raunds, now I have been elected as your Town Councillor, listening, caring and implementing for our Community.

I am currently on the following committees:

Environment, Leisure and Recreation


Cllr Bill Tirebuck