Raunds Town Council

Serving the people of Raunds

Cllr Sylvia Hughes, Mayor of Raunds

Clerk: Steve Beech
The Hall, Raunds
Northamptonshire NN9 6LT

Cllr Rosalie Beattie (Windmill Ward)

Cllr Rosalie Beattie (Windmill Ward)

Raunds Town Council
Council Offices, The Hall;
Thorpe Street
Wellingborough NN9 6LT
01933 622087

Since moving my family to Raunds several years ago, I have been impressed by the welcoming nature of the community and the commitment of so many residents to improve the town. I work locally, in education and social care, and am particularly concerned about issues affecting young people. With your support, the new Town Council will strive to improve the quality of life for everyone in Raunds.

I am currently on the following committees:

Environment, Leisure and Recreation

Planning (Vice Chairman)


Cllr Rosalie Beattie