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Environment, Leisure and Recreation Committee

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The purpose of the committee is to debate issues, determine decisions and make recommendations to Council in respect of issues within the remit of this Committee.

To consider and recommend policies which have a bearing on social cohesion and environmental wellbeing.

To consider the functions and services provided by the Council in relation to: the cemetery, parks, gardens and open spaces, amenity areas, play areas and community facilities, toilets, etc., making recommendations to Council for any variations, improvements or alterations.

To oversee the finance allocated to the Committee, for which it has delegated powers to spend within the budget headings allocated to the Committee by the Council.

Any virement applications must be referred to Policy and Resources Committee or to Full Council.

Terms of reference

  • consider and recommend to Council any improvements variations, improvements or alterations to the Council leisure and recreation facilities;
  • monitor and enact changes to the grounds maintenance contract within existing budgetary constraints;
  • review the use of the Council's leisure and recreational facilities;
  • to oversee progress on any leisure or recreational projects;
  • consider projects and associated costs;
  • liaise with any appropriate external bodies and agencies;
  • christmas Lights and Arts projects;
  • annually inspect the Council's leisure and recreation facilities

Members of the Environment Leisure and Recreation Committee

Cllr Paul Byrne (Mayor - Ex Officio)

Cllr Lee Wilkes (Deputy Mayor - Ex Officio)

Cllr Rosalie Beattie

Cllr Ollie Curtis

Cllr Adam Fernley

Cllr Kirk Harrison

Cllr Dudley Hughes

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