Raunds Town Council

Serving the people of Raunds

Cllr Sylvia Hughes, Mayor of Raunds

Clerk: Steve Beech
The Hall, Raunds
Northamptonshire NN9 6LT

Events Committee

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Events Committee

The purpose of the committee is to debate issues, determine decisions and make recommendations to Council in respect of issues within the remit of this Committee.

To oversee the finance allocated to the Committee, for which it has delegated powers to spend within the budget headings allocated to the Committee by the Council.

Any virement applications must be referred to the Finance Committee or to Full Council.

The committee is to include 12 voting members, a minimum of 6 voting members are to be councillors. (Officers cannot be members of the committee) The Chairman and Vice Chairman are to be councillors. The quorum for the committee will be three, but is to include a minimum of two councillors.

The Committees Terms of Reference are:

  • To recommend to the Full Town Council a suitable programme of annual events in addition to the Christmas lights switch on and Remembrance Services
  • To manage the programme of events and ensure they are delivered within the committee's budget.
  • To manage a list of stock /equipment owned by the Town Council for events (including a stock list for Christmas lights)

(Note- the committee will not be responsible for managing other fundraising events that any Mayor may wish to put on during their Mayoral year. This is no way restricts members of the committee supporting the Mayor with their work, but the Mayor does not need to seek approval of the Events Committee for their own events)

Members of the Events Committee

Cllr Sylvia Hughes - Ex Officio

Cllr Magdalena Levell - Ex Officio

Cllr Trevor Swailes

Cllr Oliver Curtis

Cllr Helen Howell

Cllr Bill Cross


Mrs Flic Jones - Non Voting

Mr Dave Jones - Non Voting

Mr Alan Measom - Non Voting

Mrs Moria Newton - Non Voting