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Cllr Richard Levell, Raunds Town Mayor and his consort Mrs Magdalana Levell 2018  - 2019

Clerk: Ms Kate Houlihan
The Hall, Raunds
Northamptonshire NN9 6LT

The Library@Raunds

Raunds Community Library Trust

NCC Update

Latest from the County Council
We have now received more information from NCC and are a little clearer about where we stand. There has been a "re-definition" of which Libraries must be kept open in order for NCC to meet its statutory obligations. Thrapston now falls into that category although it must be run by the community. But if the community is unable to run the library then NCC will step in to keep it open.
Here in Raunds the community must run the library BUT if we are unable to do so then there is no safety net, NCC will not support us. So we seem to be in the same situation as before. It is all down to us!

Christmas Lights:

It was great to talk to those people who dropped by our stall at the Switch-on ceremony. And even better that we managed to sign up some new volunteers - thank you all.

Thursday Evenings:

Remember that we are now open until 8pm EVERY Thursday. Drop in, have a chat, borrow a book, have a coffee, we would love to see you. But most importantly tell your friends!

Raunds Library Management Group is working to ensure the continued existence of a library in Raunds with the support of the Town Council and a gallant band of volunteers. If you are willing to help get in touch.

By email: raundslibrary@gmail.com


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If you wish to volunteer please email us on the address above or collect an application form at the Post Office or Council Offices. Return your form to the Council Offices.