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Cllr Richard Levell, Raunds Town Mayor and his consort Mrs Magdalana Levell 2018  - 2019

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No increase in Council Tax for Raunds Town Council.

No increase in Council Tax for Raunds Town Council.

Raunds Town Council is pleased to announce that its portion of the council tax will not increase in 2019/20.

Whilst households will see no increase in the share of council tax paid to Raunds Town Council, the Council will be able to maintain existing services and deliver a number of exciting projects for the town, including a sports wall at Amos Lawrence, new Film Equipment and Staging for Saxon Hall, essential repairs to the steps and pathways around St Peter's Church and an ambitious project to regenerate the high street.

Cllr Richard Levell, Mayor of Raunds and Chairman of the Finance and Policy Committee said, "Through prudent budgeting and forward planning the Town Council is able to maintain Raunds Town Council's share of the Council Tax at the same level as 2018/19. The Council has also successfully applied for a number of grants which will support our expenditure on projects in 2019/20." In addition, new housing in Raunds means that there are now more council tax payers in the town thus generating additional revenue for the Council.

Cllr Levell added "The forthcoming move to unitary authorities across the county continues to mean that future demands on the Council are uncertain, and we have had to plan our finances accordingly".

A spokesperson for the Council explained that whilst Raunds Town Council will not be increasing its element of the council tax, other authorities, such as Northamptonshire County Council, The Police, and East Northamptonshire Council, have not yet finalised their budgets and may well increase their council tax, so households may see an increase in their total bill.

Posted: Fri, 11 Jan 2019 10:00 by kate

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