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Statement regarding Raunds Classic

Statement regarding Raunds Classic

Many people will have seen the July issue of Raunds Round-Up. The front cover promotes Raunds Carnival 2019, incorporating Raunds Classic. The Town Council would like to make it clear that the Raunds Classic does not form part of this year's Carnival on Amos Lawrence Playing Field. Unfortunately, print deadlines meant that the editors of Raunds Round-Up were unable to alter the cover or content of the magazine.

In November 2018, the Town Council granted permission for the Carnival to use Amos Lawrence playing field, free of charge, following an application from Raunds Action Group. No mention was made in this application that a classic car show was being held, and no separate approach was made by the organisers of Raunds Classic asking for permission for their event to be held at Amos Lawrence or at any other location owned by the Town Council.

In September 2018 the Town Council was approached by another organisation asking for support with their event. On the basis that no other competing events were being held in the town, the Town Council agreed to support the event.

In May 2019, when flyers were delivered around the town, the Town Council became aware that Raunds Classic were intending on holding an event on Amos Lawrence at the same time as the Carnival. As landowner of Amos Lawrence Playing Field the Town Council had a duty to consider this matter.

At the Full Council meeting on 11th June 2019, Members of the Town Council considered the matter and, following discussion, resolved that:

  • The Council has not received an application for Raunds Classic to be held and therefore no permission has been granted for this event.

The Town Council remains committed to supporting as many organisations as possible who want to put events on in Raunds and will do its utmost to offer support and resources where possible.

The Town Council wishes the Carnival every success and hope that as many residents as possible will watch the parade and enjoy all the attractions at Amos Lawrence Park.

Posted: Tue, 02 Jul 2019 17:17 by kate

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