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Coping with Covid - Back to School

Coping with Covid - Back to School

Schools have now been open for the last 4 weeks and many students have returned to the classroom! In this video, the 5th in the series of podcasts 'Coping with Covid' Raunds Mayor, Cllr Sylvia Hughes talks to Sarah Mitchell, Assistant Principal at Manor School, Chloe Neild, Head Teacher at Stanwick Primary School and Acting Head Teacher at Windmill Primary School. Sarah and Chloe explain how the schools in the Nene Education Trust have welcomed back their students and how they have managed it. We also talk to teachers Ben Cousins and Simon Isaacs and some of the children who share their experiences of being back. @Manor_School @WindmillRaunds @NeneEducation

Posted: Fri, 10 Jul 2020 13:13 by Emma Williams

Tags: Coping with Covid