Serving the people of Raunds

Policy and Resources Committee

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The purpose of the Policy and Resources Committee is to debate issues of Strategy and Policy in detail and to formulate recommendations to the Council. The Committees strategic role will be to formulate strategies for the Council to consider adopting. Maintain oversight of Council approved long term plans. Draft for Council approval policies and procedures for the good governance of the Council and its town.

The Committees Terms of Reference are:

  • consider draft strategic documents for Council approval;
  • consider policies and procedures for Council approval;
  • consider projects, their associated costs and funding sources;
  • use its delegated authority to spend within the budget allocated to the committee subject to the overall budget adopted by the Council;
  • oversee the preparation of a medium term financial plan;
  • to recommend to Members appropriate Councillor training.
  • ensure appropriate health and safety policies are in place to mitigate risk;

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