Serving the people of Raunds


Raunds Town Council can promote your charity or community event by displaying a poster on our noticeboards. These are located on the railings outside the Co-Op Foodstore, Saxon Hall and the Town Hall. We also have 2 electronic noticeboards located on the Town Square and outside the Town Hall where we can display a message. If you would like to request a message is added to one or both our electronic boards please complete the form and email it to

Electronic Notice Board Request Form

Invite the Mayor to an event

The Mayor of Raunds tries to attend as many local events as possible. However it won't always be possible for the Mayor to attend every event. In normal circumstances if the Mayor is unable to attend your event they will automatically pass the invitation onto the Deputy Mayor who may be able to attend on the Mayor's behalf.

Please try to fill in as many details as possible on the form below as it will help to ensure that the Mayor has all the details they need to help support your event.

If you require any assistance in completing this form please contact Joanne on 01933 622087.

Mayor of Raunds request form (scroll to the bottom of the page)

Awarding grants

Raunds Town Council has discretion to award grants to community organisations and individuals which can evidence a clear need for financial support and demonstrate it contributes towards the vision and aims of the Town Council.

You can view our Grant Awarding policy here.

Last updated: Wed, 12 Oct 2022 14:01